Storyline Going Out Of Business.


The Four Horsemen
Oct 1, 2017
fuck off
The more things change,
The more things stay the same,
Same shit, different day.

We open on a shot of the waterfront from a balcony, illuminated by the moon in the sky and the nearby streetlights, the only sound we hear is the oddly relaxing hum of traffic in the distance. The shot holds for a few moments until a lit cigarette flies past the view of the camera, the shot pans across to see the Center of the Universe, Scott Fargo, leaning on his balcony looking over the still water, deep in thought. As a car goes by on the road below, the sound of the vehicle breaks Fargo from his trance. Fargo begins to speak in a low tone of voice, almost as if he is immensely disappointed in something...or someone.

FARGO: "Are you blind?"

Fargo pauses for a moment before he continues.

FARGO: "Or...are you just stupid? I thought maybe you'd have been different."

Fargo sighs.

FARGO: "But it appears I was wrong, huh, Joey?"

As the name Joey comes out of his mouth, Fargo turns to face the camera as he rests his back against the balcony railing.

FARGO: "For someone to stand by Michael, our oh so Glorious Leader, and say that THEY love IWT, that THEY want whats best for IWT, is blind or stupid. For gods sake, a blind man could see how unfit Michael is to call the shots because it seems that we have come to that point IWT always comes to. A "Legend", a term I use VERY loosely, has returned! They are here to SAVE IWT! They love IWT! IWT is their home! Such bullshit."

FARGO: "Joey Bryant, I can read you like a book, you stupid motherfucker. You say you aren't like the rest, well, you can put the foot down on the brakes right there, son, 'coz guess fuckin' what? You are. You are exactly like them. You come back, you talk big, you take your shot at the biggest star on the roster, and bang, you're handed a spot back in the main event picture because that is what Michael does. And that is why IWT fails, time and time again. Nobody wanted to see Dat Kid, Aids Johnson and Alias Antonio in the main event of Survivor Series, they wanted something new, something different, but Michael didn't, and so he went ahead with the plan and IWT died because the people were tired of the so-called "Legends". Nobody wanted to see Christian defend a title handed to him by Michael and as soon as I challenged him, he up and disappeared and IWTs big return fell flat on its fucking face. IWT failed once again because of the absolute STUPIDITY of the man in charge."

FARGO: "Which makes me think about you, Joey. You've came back, you've said you'll save IWT, that you are here with IWTs best interest in mind, but I don't believe you. Not for a second. I believe that you are a parrot. I believe that you are here for the same reason Christian was, the same reason Dat Kid was, the same reason they all came back. That all too sweet payday. I don't believe you have IWTs best interest in mind, money is the only thing on your mind, so you'll stand by Michaels stand, you'll say what his stupid fucking writers write for you to say, and then you'll cash in and dip out and leave Michael and IWT high and dry. Again. Like all the "Legends" do."

FARGO: "And now that you have also shot your shot at me, what're you gonna do? Are you gonna bail like Christian did? Are you gonna collect the money and run? Are you gonna prove me right like the rest do? Please don't. Please. Prove. Me. Wrong."

And with all that said Fargo turns and opens the door and goes back inside as the camera pans back to the same shot from the beginning overlooking the still waters and we eventually fade out to the gentle hum of the city traffic in the distance.