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Sep 29, 2017
You wanted it? You got it. Beginning this Friday, January 11th at 10 PM ET, IMPACT! will stream live on our Twitch channel ( That means even if you don’t have access to our primary US broadcast partner, Pursuit Channel, you’ll be able to watch the show live alongside everybody else.

Which regions will be able to watch IMPACT! live on Twitch?

IMPACT! will stream live almost everywhere in the world. Unfortunately our current broadcasting agreement prevent us from streaming the episode in Mexico, sub-Saharan Africa and the UK & Ireland.

In the UK and Ireland, you can watch the show on the Global Wrestling Network, where it premieres at the same time it airs in the United States. You can watch every Friday on SuperSport in Africa and every Saturday on MVS TV in Mexico.

Is Twitch free?

Yes. You can stream Twitch from any desktop browser, or by downloading the Twitch app for the device of your choice.

If you have an internet connection, you can watch IMPACT! live every Friday night.

Why should I subscribe?

  • Ad-free access: when other viewers see ads, you get more wrestling!
  • Custom IMPACT emotes to show your fandom in chat!
  • Loyalty belts that display beside your name!
  • To show support for the best wrestling channel on Twitch!

Go here to subscribe for only $5. It’s your support that makes our channel possible. With your help, we can grow the channel to feature even more live shows and special events.

Can I subscribe for free?

YES! If you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe for free by linking your Amazon Prime account. Link it here:

Remember to subscribe again each month to gain “loyalty belts” that take you all the way to the World Championship!

Will the show be able as a VOD after the stream?

No. But you can catch up on past episodes of IMPACT! on demand by subscribing to the Global Wrestling Network! Visit now to start your 30-day free trial and sample the 1000s of hours of content available, including recent episodes of IMPACT.

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