Storyline Emmys with Farooq


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Jul 22, 2018
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Host: "Okay! Your four nominations come to! Diablo starring Christopher Johnson!"

*soft pop*

Host: "Land of the Deceased starring Jim Connor!"

*soft pop*

Host: "Tiger Stripes starring Rim Jeremy!"

*loud pop*

Host: "God starring Farooq!"

*louder pop*

Host: *slowly grabs the envelope, opening it and leans slowly against the mic* "The winner is... God starring Farooq!!"

Farooq: *stands up in his black suit, to a huge applause as he walks to the stage, shaking hands with the host and taking the Emmy. He leans against the mic, holding the Emmy up high* "First of all, shout out to the Black Empire of IWT! Just wow! An Emmy, is one of the biggest achievements, the biggest in my acting career!" *he chuckles a bit, rubbing the back of his head* "It took us nearly a year, shooting the movie from three different continents! Took a lot of hard work, but I'm glad you all appreciated it. Thank you also to Travis $cott for providing music for the movie. Our director? Fantastic! Everyone who worked on the project deserves just as much credit... In matter of fact, everyone come up here!" *he waves at the crew of the movie to join him*

*the director, producer, a few of the actors and even the make up artists join Farooq on stage*

Farooq: "Because remember, it takes more than one to make this happen... They deserve just as much credit as I do. And they also know where I'm taking this next. Tomorrow, I compete for the IWT Universal Championship. The most important match of my life follows the most important award ceremony of my life. We have reached the pinnacle, the top of acting careers here today, and we're just getting started.

*loud pop*

Farooq: "Tomorrow I have the most important match of my life. Even after the owner of IWT Micheal has AAW under heavy law suits because of the abuse of contract. AAW won't be able to return to proper business until December when we organize our contracts once again. That's a third path of my life as a wrestling promoter, which of course I still encourage everyone to keep their eyes glued to IWT tomorrow. Because tomorrow I'll leave three men broken, and I'll walk out with the IWT with my Emmy, AND the IWT Universal Championship. Because this is the Lord's word, Fargo, I respect you. It's nothing personal, you're at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Everyone else in the match? Not worth a mention. This is my moment, and my time... In fact everyone check under your seats."

*Everyone begins shuffling, searching under their seats and finding tickets, the people beginning to cheer loudly*

Farooq: "Everyone that has attended the Emmys, you have been invited to the IWT personally by me. Of course with this, we'll now have our biggest show in years... And I hope you all enjoy the show. After party when I win is at Lucky's Bar across the street from the venue! Thank you again guys!"

*Farooq and the rest of the crew from the movie God begin leaving the stage, waving at the people as they made their seat once again*