Demolition vs LOD


Indie Wrestler
Jul 22, 2018
Demolition and The Legion of Doom are two of the most dominant tag teams in the history of professional wrestling. In the late 1980s (and early 1990s) Demolition had a historic run, which included three reigns as WWF Tag Team Champions and awesome feuds with The Hart Foundation, Colossal Connection, and The Powers of Pain. Legion of Doom (The Road Warriors) dominated NWA, AWA, and various promotions in Japan. For years, many fans compared the two teams and always wondered, "What If"?. Finally in 1990, the Legion of Doom entered into the WWF, and fans were ready for the dream feud of "Ax and Smash" vs. "Hawk and Animal". But as Lee Corso would say, "Not so Fast my friend".

At the time, Demolition were WWF Tag Team champions, and had added a third member, "Crush", to fill in for an aging Ax, who was more in a transition to manager of the team phase. However, the fans weren't really buying into all of that. Anyway, seeds were planted for a feud between the two teams, and come Summer Slam, LOD gave a huge assist to the Hart Foundation helping them defeat Demolition for the Tag Team titles. Ok, now we are definitely going to get the dream feud! Wait, lets put them in a four on four elimination match at Survivor Series? We're going to have the two teams eliminate each other and have the Ultimate Warrior be the sole survivor because the WWF Champion, and so he will be fresh for the main event that is only being used as a vessel for Hogan to show off he is still more over than Warrior? Ok, makes sense. Let's give the fans a Wrestling Challenge match, we will do either a count out or DQ finish and come back to this... Oh, nevermind.

Ok, so Royal Rumble rolls around, nothing. Surely the WWF is saving this special match for WrestleMania 7! Nope. LOD Squashes jobber tag team Power and Glory in under a minute, and Demolition gets squahed by Genichiro Tenryu and Koji Kitao in under five minutes. This made no sense to me then, and it still makes no sense to me today. I guess, the WWF wanted to just have LOD on the show so they gave them the jobbers, and they wanted to appease Japan by having one of their teams go over a team with some Cred. Yep. That really worked out well with the incident where one of the guys they put over Demolition, tried to shoot of Earthquake and exposed the business on a live mic. I apologize, I just hated the way Demolition were treated in this time. Anyway, WrestleMania 7 should have been the platform to have this match. Even if it was only five minutes. This was a huge missed opportunity for WWF, in my opinion. There was still time for a few PPV Matches.

Just a fun random fact, Crush filled in as a replacement in LOD on House Shows when Hawk was having issues, in between his time in Demolition and his run as the huge Hawaiian. Shocka Bra.