David Moyes


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
I think he's unfairly judged. He came in during a transitional period for Manchester United, after a very good long tenure at Everton. Many of United's stars were aging, obviously having Fergie leave after like 30 years had its affect on the staff and locker room. The Glazers and United board put immense pressure on Moyes and essentially set him up to fail. He's a good manager, and his stint at West Ham proves that he has what it takes. West Ham was very toxic at the time, and he beat Chelsea and Tottenham in a span of a few months. He took the club to 7th and obviously had issues with his defense (mind you he didn't even get a chance to sign players besides Jordan Hugill) and then the toxic atmosphere spoiled the party.

I think he deserves credit for being a good manager and shouldn't be remembered for a bad stint at a fledgling club like United. Considering the games best managers like van Gaal and Mourinho failed just as bad (Mourinho finished 6th), I think people can lay off him.

I wouldn't even hate him being the new National team manager.