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Jul 22, 2018
I'm sure we are all well away of the creation of mini consoles by gaming organizations. I own quite a number of them myself. However, I have noticed that you do acquire some great and good games on the system, yet you receive a few games that do not interest you or just flat out suck. For example, some of the Atari consoles I have purchased would have maybe five games, tops, that would hold my interest. The rest were duds. The same for the SEGA Console disappointed me by not having Shining Force or Shadowrun. I did get a few good games though. In the NES, we didn't get Contra, but we got Super C? I mean, seriously, what the hell is up with this troll job?

That has been the main criticisms I have read out of other consumers over the years. Now, if the Organizations would offer the option of allowing its consumers to choose what games go on the consoles, that would be great! Now, the companies could still release the systems with pre-selected games loaded on them to sell in mass distribution too. So, my discussion is, if given the option, which console and what games would you choose?

I would definitely choose and NES and SNES console. However for now, I'll include 25 NES games I would select. I'll do my SNES later.

1) The Legend of Zelda - You already Know!

2) Zelda II: The Adventures of Link - See Above

3) Blaster Master - Why was this not included!? This game was awesome.

4) Megaman 2 - Possibly the most Iconic Megaman game ever

5) Megaman 3 - Not as popular as 2 was, but still better than the Original and sequels

6) Skate or Die - Really shocked this one wasn't on the Mini

7) Rygar - An epic arcade game turned epic NES game. This was one of my childhood favorites. Me and my brother Spent days on this game. Still have two copies of the original put up.

8) Contra - Nintendo, people loved Contra! Not this Super C Bull shit! Also has the most iconic cheat code ever mentioned. Event got referenced in Wreck-It-Ralph (yeah, I loved that movie too)

9) Super Mario Brothers - Can't go wrong with the classics. A lot of good memories playing this one with my brother. Now my son raises hell at me like I did at my brother in the 1980s. Can you believe I still get stuck being Luigi?

10) Super Mario Brothers 2 - Mainly for Nostalgia purpose

11) Super Mario Brothers 3 - My favorite Mario game ever

12) Maniac Mansion - Another one that doesn't get a lot of main stream love, but is a cult classic. Hell, the game got its on TV show (it sucked though... the game didn't though)

13) R.C Pro Am - This was a great racing game.

14) Tecmo Bowl - An Iconic game that still gets shout outs in today's Pop Culture.

15) Castlevania - The start of an Iconic Franchise. If it wasn't for this, we would have never had Symphony of the Night! Salute!

16) Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - I actually liked this one better than the original

17) Adventure Island - Loved this game!

18) Faxanadu - Can get boring but still a good game.

19) Metal Gear - This game was the bomb!

20) Guerrilla War - This was a fun game. Very easy to beat, but still a fun game to play.

21) Final Fantasy - Gets love for being the first, and paved the way for IV - VIII

22) Monster Party - Mark and his bat (Negan ain't ready for this), Bert and his Beams! Enuff said!

23) Duck Tales - Fun game that always kept interest.

24) Metroid - Can be a pain in the ass, but still a very fun game. Especially if you get the right cheat codes.

25) Earthbound - not as fun as the SNES sequel but still a fun game.

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Nov 18, 2018
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RetroPie is emulation software for the Rasberry Pi - a very cheap and not particularly powerful computer that a lot of people use to create their own retro console: (lots of these videos knocking around)
I've tried my friends out and it's pretty good for everything up to PSone (drops off a cliff performance wise there though). Not got around to getting one myself - mainly use emulation station on my laptop with arcade sticks and on a tv but people are making all sorts with this.

Also, congratulations on recognising the awesomeness of Rygar - this is one of my top two all time favourite arcade games and is awesome!