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Conduct Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Juventudinho, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Juventudinho

    Juventudinho Il Capitano Administrator

    How to Act on the Forum -

    1.) No Flaming
    Pro-Wrestling Forum does not tolerate flaming and bullying. Forum admin won't bud-in unless informed of bullying or flaming. If you feel as if someone is bullying or flaming you, please contact a mod or admin.

    2.) No NSFW Content
    Don't post NSFW content on the site. If you wish to post NSFW/18+ content, you may buy a Premium Upgrade.

    3.) Be Constructive
    Do not post for the sake of trolling or to be off-putting to other members. Be constructive, write clearly and be active.

    4.) No Spam
    Do not spam posts, likes, ratings, statuses or other forms of communication. You'll likely be banned.

    How to Act in Private -

    1.) No Forum Advertising
    Unless you're given permission, please do not advertise your forum in your signature, in statuses, posts or in private conversation.

    Other -

    1.) The Administration's decision is final
    The Administration whether it be site admin or moderators have the final say on who and what gets banned or removed. They may adjust any rulings within the guidelines.
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  2. AidsJohnson

    AidsJohnson Rookie

    You're flaming enough for all of us. :boss1:
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