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Music Concert Thread

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by NexFlax, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. NexFlax

    NexFlax Rookie

    So what concerts have you gone to and which ones were your favorite? Have any special memories from specific concerts? What's the WORST thing that happened to you at a concert (if applicable)?

    For me, I've been to a good handful of concerts. Even though I only started going to concerts this year. I have a list over on RateYourMusic.com with dates and a few words on my experience at each one.

    My Favorites so far have been Smashing Pumpkins and Kero Kero Bonito. Ended up crying during the Smashing Pumpkins set while William Corgan was repeating "she knows, she knows, she shows" and they were playing they're old music videos on the big screen. An emotional time for me. rest of the show was banger after banger though. Amazing set from possibly my all time fave band.
    Then Kero Kero Bonito was just an overall very fun experience. Went alone and ended up making a new friend even if he doesn't respond to me DMs as much as i wish he did.

    Other than that I think my fave moment at any concert was my first time moshing. JEFF the Brotherhood was opening for Quintron and they stole the fucking show that night. Amazing set and it was like they were the main act the whole time. I had a spot right on the stage but the pit was behind me so i jumped behind me and into the pit and just pushed everyone around me and bumped into everyone while trying to not bump into the cute girl holding a drink who for some reason later joined the pit while still holding her drink. Weird night overall I guess.

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