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Storyline Comeback Kid

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Roadster, Nov 12, 2018.

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  1. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    *Michael is seated in an office at the Sears Center. His hands are over his face and he lets out a deep breath. He looks up and a camera crew is starting straight at him. He tells the camera man to come closer*.

    Michael: Dat fucking Kid.

    *Michael throws a binder and a lamp off his desk in rage*.

    Michael: That fucking clown thinks he can do this? I'm not a child, Kid. I know you did that to Dragon. I know you tried disrupting our show because you're dingy ass isn't on the card. I know that you think you're fucking clever. I know that you're proud of yourself, but the time for pride is over.

    *Michael leans back and closes his eyes as he tries to calm down*.

    Michael: I've already ended you, you bastard. I've pinned you down and proven that you're the old guard. I've proven that you're the past and this, me, I am the present. I don't need you to sell tickets. I've buried your saggy ass six feet under. You're just a liability. But it seems that your ghost has come back to haunt us.

    *Michael leans close into the camera, red in the face, shaking with anger*.

    Michael: I have nothing to prove, but I'll be sure that someone will step up. The time for metaphor is over. Kid, you black bastard, you will be vanquished...but not by me.

    *Michael chuckles and steps out of his chair. He walks off frame, leaving the crowd in suspense as to who is going to join Michael*.
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