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Jul 22, 2018
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Reviewer 1: "God starring Farooq has been the best movie in decades!! 10/10!!!"

Reviewer 2: "The movie God was well produced, well ran and just outstanding!! P.E.R.F.E.C.T."

Reviewer 3: "God has been the most enjoyable and emotional roller coaster. Must see movie of 2018!!"

The camera goes black after showing the reviews. It now pans over to the house of Farooq:

Farooq is seen inside his home, trying a new suit out. He has one Navy suit pants, and a white business shirt with suspenders on. With him is the suit he ordered months ago for the celebration of the released movie, also the woman who made the suit. The woman is assisting him and making sure the suit is fitting right.

Farooq: "Micheal, Joey. I want to talk to both of you, now after I've finished with the hype for this movie. You both should check it out by the way! Because while you're out there, viewing and gazing up at the big screen, you can pretend to be me. Because then maybe then, you can actually be happy for once."

Woman: "Tie, sir."

Farooq: "Of course."

Farooq put on a yellow tie, buttoning up the top of his business shirt beforehand.

Farooq: "You both are very out of touch of reality. I mean it's obvious. Look at you Micheal, you allowed your own talent to burn down your house... And you still haven't even repaired it. Joey, trying this business thing for the first time? I am successful, unlike both of you. Tomorrow, I can just walk out of the IWT, and I still have a living. Unlike you both, when I invest into a company like All-American Wrestling, it doesn't hurt me at all."

Woman: "Suit jacket is next, I think you're gonna like it a lot."

She hands Farooq a navy suit jacket.

Farooq: "Damn. Second most beautiful thing here."

Farooq takes the suit jacket from the giggling woman, now slipping it on.

Farooq: "My house could burn down, and I could replace it instantly, in fact, I have more homes. Who do you think got the television deals and work for All-American Wrestling? It was me. Micheal, your whole life fell apart because you just aren't prepared, because you're a child. This isn't going to be like how it was with Dick Fagget. No more fun and games. No more video choreography showing a 'God'. It seems Micheal, Joey, you both forgot your place."

Farooq puts a black tie clip on his tie. He puts on sunglasses and turns to the camera with a smirk.

Farooq: "Joey, respect people who never lose a championship. I have done it four times, all while starring and acting in successful modern classics. With the money I've made, I've invested because not only were people calling me the United States Champion, the Hardcore Champion, the European Champion and the Television Champion, they were calling me the hottest actor in Hollywood. Next time, ask me if you want to be in the ring, because I'll be happy to make an example out of you next."

He crotches down, the camera staying center and now viewing. Farooq stands up, on his left wrist is the Hardcore Championship, his left elbow held up the European Championship, in his right wrist was the Television Championship, on the right elbow the United States Championship.

Farooq: "Last time anyone saw these, I wore them. Me. None of you, and I can stand comfortably in my home still saying I can hold them up. Because I'm not just a wrestler, I'm realistic. I knew what I could do, and I did it. Men like Fargo and I hold Championships forever. We're set for life and we know what to do, where to go. Because the real IWT Champion at least goes to AAW to defend his Championship, when he doesn't even have to."

Farooq put all the Championships on his left arm, then slipped on some black original wayfarer Ray Bans. Diamonds could be seen on the cufflinks.

Farooq: "Joey, keep in touch with reality, I worry about you. Micheal... A cancer cell? You know...When you go to your house, there's fire. When you come to mine..."

Farooq smirks.

Farooq: "There's plasma."
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