Storyline Carrickfergus Heart


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America

Belfast, Northern Ireland

*On a misty March night in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a documentary crew is following young Northern Irish star, John Earnshaw, as he prepares for the biggest match of his career. He's facing IWT's Evolucion in a match that has been rumored to be all but a trial for the young Earnshaw. Rumblings of IWT scouts and other agents in the packed Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast. Earnshaw is spotted rolling up in the back staff parking lot in a small car. He steps out wearing sweatpants, a beanie and a zip up hoodie. He has a gym bag in his right hand and a small packet of papers in the other. He lays his bag on the ground, stuffs the keys into his pocket and picks the bag up as he walks into the arena.*

Cameraman: How are you feeling tonight?

Earnshaw: I don't know...I...I've heard rumors of scouts and shit in the audience so if those are true of course I want to tear the house down, but I don't hear a lot, and it's not always true, y'know?

*Earnshaw enters the locker room and gives the camera crew a smile as he goes to get changed. The feed cuts to the arena as it slowly starts to fill up with chatter and cheers. The feed cuts back to Earnshaw stretching in a hall way and mumbling something to himself. The feed once again cuts to an interview with the event's promoter. Obese with a scruffy 5 o'clock shadow. He grumbles and sniffs around in a raspy voice.*

Cameraman: There's been a lot of rumors of talent scouts, are there any weight to those rumors?

Promoter: Yes, I was contacted by some promoters about maybe working a deal...maybe not. I've got a lot of talent and if there's a lad that's willing to give them a spotlight and give me something on the flip, I'm open for business.

Cameraman: What are your thoughts on John Earnshaw?

Promoter: We've had him around a couple of times...good kid. He says he's trained in New York and all over the world and all that bollocks. I'm just concerned if he can fill out a room, let the training go on the documentary, let the talent flow in the room. He's definitely got something, I think any promotion would do good gettin' him in the doors.

*The feed cuts away to Earnshaw standing in Gorilla Position drinking a bottle of water and preparing for his big match. He's doing some final stretches and throws the water bottle away as he gets the signal to head through the curtains. The feed cuts to footage from the event.*

Announcer: Introducing first...hailing from Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Northern Ireland...weighing in at 11 stone...JOHN EARNSHAW!

*Earnshaw runs out to applause from the crowd. He's wearing generic wrestling boots, kneepads and black trunks. He rips off his sweatshirt and tosses it into the crowd as he jogs into the ring. He tags hands and amps up the crowd on the top rope before stepping down and stretching out and awaiting his opponent.*

Announcer: Introducing his opponent...from Monterrey, Mexico...weighing in at 9 stone...EVO-LU-CION!

*Evolucion charges out and runs straight into the ring, he throws off his flashy coat and headbangs to the beat of his theme and jumps down onto the mat and adjusts his mask before staring down Earnshaw.*

*The referee signals for the bell as Earnshaw and Evolucion square each other up. Earnshaw goes for a double leg take down but Evolucion squirms away. Earnshaw looks up and smirks before stepping up and stretching out his legs on the rope. Evolucion runs at Earnshaw, but he ducks out of the way.*

*Earnshaw pounces on Evolucion without letting him collaborate. Earnshaw gets in Full Mount and begins to whale lefts and rights on Evolucion. Evolucion squirms to the ropes and the referee forces the break. Earnshaw stands up and adjusts his tights as Evolucion recovers and gets back to his feet.*

*Evolucion and Earnshaw circle eachother before they meet in the middle of the ring talking trash, Earnshaw headbutts Evolucion and drops him. Earnshaw shakes off the blow and grabs Evolucion's leg, he torques it sideways and drops an elbow on his knee. He sinches in a knee lock as Evolucion screams out in pain.*

*Earnshaw tightens his grip as the crowd begins to chant and cheer in support of Evolucion. Evolucion begins to amp up starts landing lefts and rights to Earnshaw's face and he lets go to shake off the punches. Evolucion gets to his feet as Earnshaw staggers to his feet and stands in the corner. Evolucion charges and hits a corner dropkick on Earnshaw.*

*Earnshaw coughs and gags in the corner as he sits in the corner. Evolucion looks at the crowd and signals for yet another dropkick. He runs to the opposite corner and runs in and hits a brutal dropkick to Earnshaw's face. Earnshaw has had enough, and rolls out and staggers to recover outside. Evolucion signals for something big and stomps his feet to start a chant.*

*He runs off the ropes and hits a slick suicide dive and lands on his feet with the crowd going wild. Earnshaw tries to crawl to his feet but Evolucion picks him up by the hair and thrusts him chest first into the post. Earnshaw ricochets off the post and crumples to the ground as the crowd cheer on Evolucion.*

*Evolucion walks up to Earnshaw and picks him up by the hair again, and tosses him into the ring. Evolucion wipes the sweats off his lips from inside his mask and rolls in. Earnshaw crawls to the opposite side of the ring and attempts to catch his breath. Evolucion casually walks over but as he gets closer, Earnshaw kicks out Evolucion's leg and he crumbles down. Earnshaw struggles to get up and winces in pain as he staggers over to Evolcuion. He grabs him and picks him up by tugging on his mask. He lifts Evolucion and hits a crushing bodyslam and slows down to catch his breath.*

*Earnshaw runs off the ropes and hits a kneedrop square on Evolucion's face and rolls back to his feet. He stomps his face once again before casually walking over to land a stomp on his of his limbs and finishing off with a heavy elbow drop on Evolucion's chest. He runs off the ropes and hits a sit-out senton as Evolucion screams in pain. Earnshaw taunts Evolucion and adjusts his tights. He picks up Evolucion who snaps back with a quick jab straight into Earnshaw's mouth. Earnshaw lets out a grunt and steps back into the corner as Evolucion recovers. Earnshaw feels his lip and sees blood on his fingers. Earnshaw, angered at the sight of his own blood, charges Evolucion who drops him with a drop toe hold. Earnshaw flinches to get up but gets a boot straight to the face.*

*Earnshaw grabs his mouth, again, as Evolucion hits a standing moonsault. He signals for a top rope maneuver as the crowd gets pumped up. Evolucion scales the turnbuckle as the crowd grows in anticipation. Evolucion positions himself and jumps off in a Shooting Star Press. Just as he is about to hit Earnshaw, Earnshaw gets two knees up. Evolucion lands straight on his knees and lets out a dehabilitating grunt. Earnshaw staggers to his feet and grabs an agonized Evolucion and quickly hooks his arms and hits a snap underhook DDT with a sudden thud. Earnshaw wipes the blood from his chin and the sweat from his eyes as he hooks his opponent with conviction. The ref goes for the fall - 1...2...3!

Announcer: Here's your way of pinfall...JOHN EARNSHAW!

*Earnshaw gets to his feet and demands the referee hoist his arm in victory. Earnshaw walks over to the corner and demands a microphone.*

Earnshaw: This...this...this guy is supposed to be one of the best in the world? I tell ya, ladies and gentlemen...there isn't a motherfucker on this earth that can come to Belfast, to NORTHERN IRELAND! and dethrone a Northern Irishman. *Earnshaw pants for breath* I'm a born champion, ready and willing to fight for whatever stands in me way. I'm the beating heart of Northern Ireland...I am the Carrickfergus Heart. I don't care if it's here, NGW, RWK, IWT or in another dimension. I will take the lessons of the great warriors that were born and bred in this town, in this country and prove to the world where I come from, and what I'm capable of!

*Earnshaw throws the microphone and walks out of the ring clutching his jaw and walks to the back. He steps through the curtain with agony on his face. He asks for a towel but is instead directed to a room down a hall way with no further explanation. Earnshaw looks back at the staff member with confusion but proceeds down the hall, anyways. The cameraman struggles to keep up with him as he enters a room, inside is the promoter and another man dressed in a collegiate jacket as well as dress pants.*

Earnshaw: I was told I was needed here?

Promoter: Yes, I wanted to introduce you to a good friend of mine. He was really impressed with what he saw and had an intriguing question to ask you. His name is Frank...

Frank: Earnshaw, it's great to see ya pal. I came here all the way from New York because I've got a lot of RESPECT for your body of work. My days in the IWT were always about proving to everyone that they should RESPECT me, and I see a lot of myself in you...That's neither here nor there. John, I want to offer you a contract to come to Internet Wrestling a competitor.

*Earnshaw looks at Frank in awe and stumbles over his words.*

Earnshaw: I...That's...

Frank: Listen, John, I know you've gone through a lot to get to this moment. We can work out details later, but I just want to know whether you're willing to come over to Chicago to get this thing rolling, eh?

Earnshaw: I...I accept.

*The feed suddenly cuts out with a pan of Earnshaw's smiling, bloodied, mouth.*