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Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
*The camera follows Michael as he joyfully leads his son into his pre-school class room for Career Day dressed in a black silk suit with a half unbuttoned silk grey shirt. He walks into the class room and leads his son to put away his belongings in a cubby as he smiles and meets with other parents, some dressed as firemen and others as doctors.*

*He shakes hands with all the parents and signs some autographs for the kids that recognize him. He sits in the back as 3 other parents take turns in presenting their career. After the 3rd parent, the teacher takes to the front of the class room.*

Teacher: Now, next up, is someone many of you know from TV...let's introduce Michael Jr.'s dad...Mr. Michael!

*The kids cheer and clap with large smiles on their faces as Michael takes to the front of the room.*

Michael: Hello kids! I know a lot of you know my son, and he's told me a lot about you all here! Now, I'm sure most of you guys already know what I do, but I'll tell you anyways. I run a company called IWT and it's a wresting company. It's good versus evil and heroes versus villains. It's a lot of fun to wrestle as well as produce the shows!

*The kids cheer once again as many of them look in awe.*

Michael: Does anyone have any questions?

*Tyrone raises his hand directly and Michael picks on him.*

Tyrone: Have you ever gotten hurt wrestling!?

Michael: Of course I have. It's not safe, but I'm a trained professional. None of you should ever do it unless you're trained, and rea-.

Tyrone: How did you get hurt!?

Michael: -I got slammed on my neck and broke it. I wasn't able to wrestle for 8 months.

*Michael looks around the sea of kids, but before answering more questions he takes out a bag from behind a chair.*

Michael: I know a lot of you are fans, so I decided that I'd bring some gifts for everyone here! Some of you may know that we have a show coming up soon, so I decided to get everyone a free ticket, a t-shirt and a free DVD!

*Michael joyfully hands out DVDs, t-shirts and laminated tickets with the teacher. The kids cheer and scream for their gifts. After the gifts are handed out, Michael returns to the front of the room and takes a seat to answer some more questions with a large grin on his face. As the kids quiet down, a few kids start snickering as a note beings to circulate the room.*

Teacher: Excuse me, Glen, what is that?

*The kids try to hold in their laughter as they attempt to secretly pass around the note. The teacher walks over to Glen who has the note and orders him to read it out loud.*

Glen: Uh-...D-...Dat-...ummm...- Dat Kid is going to kick Michael's butt!

*Michael chuckles a bit but the teacher is enraged.*

Teacher: Who passed that note around!?

Glen: -umm...- Dat Kid

Teacher: Which Kid?

Glen: DAT KID!

*Michael suddenly realizes and attempts to bolt out of the chair when Dat Kid bursts through the doll house and begins tossing legos, books, crayons, action figures, and doll house pieces at Michael.*

*Kid steps out of the ruins of the doll house and charges Michael but Michael is able to knee Kid in the gut as the teacher desperately tries to get them apart while the parents try wrangling their kids away from the brawl.*

*Michael and Kid roll around on the floor as screams and shouts begin to fill the room. Michael gets the upper hand as tears the cap off a bottle of liquid Elmer's Glue and begins pouring it all over Dat Kid's face, as he begins to gag. Kid wrestles the bottle away from Michael and punches Michael in the face, instead.*

*Michael gets rocked and falls back, whilst Dat Kid stands up. He picks up the finger painting set and bashes it over Michael's head. Kid regains his composure by leaning on the chalk board whilst throwing markers and chalk at Michael.*

*Michael gets to his knees and Dat Kid walks over, he cocks Michael's head just as the teacher runs up to stop the fight again but Kid slaps the teacher with a sickening thud that levels him and knocks him unconscious.*

*While the distraction is happening, Michael charges towards the door and grabs his son by the collar and lifts him onto his back as he bolts out of the room and out of the school.*

Written by Roadster
Directed by Dat Kid
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Oct 30, 2017
Wait what happened to the part where I kick a child in the face