Bray Wyatt Reincarnated?


Indie Wrestler
Sep 29, 2017
With the conclusion of the Ultimate Deletion last week we've been left with an interesting opportunity for Bray Wyatt. Given the lake of reincarnations abilities he could come back as one of his past gimmicks or maybe a completely different Bray Wyatt. So why not throw some ideas out? Obviously Bray doesn't have the longest list of gimmicks under his belt and going back to Husky Harris might be too jarring. Why not just bring him back to his FCW roots? Back when he wasn't some Undertaker jr. or an eater of worlds...just a charismatic back woods cult leader who cut really strange but captivating promos. Bring back the Hawaiian shirt and the fedora (actually nah leave the fedora at home). Have him try and recruit WWE superstars for a Wyatt family 2.0

Alternatively, go completely off the rails team him up with Matt Hardy and have him be a broken Bray Wyatt. I think this has some potential, could be a nice way to explore a different more comedic and wacky side of Wyatt.

My last and tamest suggestion, face Bray Wyatt. We almost got this a while back before he got injured but I think this is another good opportunity to turn him.

That's all I got, I'd love to hear some ideas.


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
He should join Hardy in a cult like thing. I don't see Wyatt working out well with another gimmick unless its a complete repackage.