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Storyline Blood Sacrifice

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Dat Kid, Jul 31, 2018.

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  1. Dat Kid

    Dat Kid Indie Wrestler IWT Creative D-Generation X


    Dat Kid stands in the company of swinging light bulb over head, he's in his garage. Kid wheels over a shopping cart.

    You called me out Micheal and then you ran. How would you like it if I invited you to my house and then I ran away, that would be down right impolite, don't you think? I'm sure your mother raised you better than that Micheal, but then again you are probably a slow learner. I mean whatever business school you went to certainly didn't teach you anything given the state of things, but I digress.

    Micheal you ran away from me and that made me feel so awkward, in front of all those children, it felt just like my childhood all over again, laughing, teasing, frightened. I wonder if your son ever feels the way I do. I wonder what it was like to be your son on the next day of school, all the kids laughing at how cowardly his father is. All those children are going to watch that show Micheal, your son is going to be watching that show, Micheal.

    Dat Kid stares at the camera then quickly ducks down and slides out a cardboard box that says "Break in case of Alias Antonio". Dat Kid opens up the box and pulls out a cane, throwing it in the shopping cart.

    You see Micheal, the sins of the father don't just end there. All of those children and their parents are going to watch IWT Retribution.

    He throws in metal chains

    And they're not going to see you get your butt kicked, that was a joke for the kids. No, what they're gonna get is a life changing experience.

    Kendo Stick wrapped in barbed wire.

    What they're going to get is an immeasurable amount of violence! The kind that makes children feel terrified at night! The kind of violence that sends your son running into your room looking for YOUR protection and your wife having to say "I'm sorry Micheal Jr, your father is still in hospital, because after all these years he didn't learn to keep Dat Kid's name out his damn mouth"!

    Lighter fluid, metal baseball bat, sledgehammer.

    This is going to be the kind of violence that makes parents complain, get your son kicked out of school, bullied for the rest of his life, a shallow version of a man because he will never know what it is to be one! I will leave your son FATHERLESS!

    Dat Kid shuts off the garage light and we hear a mechanical whir as the light pokes through the garage door as it opens.

    Micheal, I am the only one showing up to IWT Retribution for that exact word. That isn't just some catchphrase I got from an "action movie title generator" like you did. I am coming to avenge the IWT for every day you made claim to it and dragged everything that Jonathan, Britanica, and I worked on through the mud. For every PPV you fucked up, for every competitor you've fucked over, for every self insertion into a main event, for every generic PPV name, for every screamo bs theme song, and most importantly for every garbage website you tried to replicate IWT on.

    If you want me at IWT Retribution, it's going to be an unsanctioned match, because I will not go for a pinfall, I will not go for a submission. I am going to beat you until you can not move. I am going to beat you until the ref begs me to go for a pinfall. I am going to beat you until the bell rings for no other reason, but to spare your life. I am going to beat you until they pull me off of you. I am going to beat you until I am escorted out of the arena. And I am going to beat you until I have cleansed your existence from the IWT...permanently.

    If you want me at IWT Retribution it's going to be in an unsanctioned match for control over the I...W...T

    Kid starts slowly pushing the shopping cart out of the garage. The garage door slowly shuts and we are left in darkness.
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