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Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by TUMBAS, Aug 6, 2018.

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    TUMBAS Indie Wrestler Donor D-Generation X

    News prints have published the story on the front page of their daily prints. A black and white photo shows Farooq beating up the Dick Supporters. Large bold print imposes Farooq as the villain

    Local black Professional wrestler who goes by the alias Farooq, was reported to have engaged a brawl inside of a church with several innocent white people. It was rumored that Farooq had to of used some sort of black magic as no one can fight with a belly full of fried chicken like that. Forensics are looking into the scene searching for any dna evidence of voodoo or aids.

    Farooq was set to face national hero Dick Fagget on the 8th of August, but now no one is sure if he will be going back to jail or if he will just be given the death sentence but we managed to get an interview with his opponent to see what he had to make of this whole ordeal.

    Dick Fagget:
    "Well to be honest I cannot say I am surprised. I always knew Jerome was a no good street thug. I am not surprised he lashed out on the good people of America this week. I can tell you all that it makes me sick. He should be preparing for the hardest match of his life, but instead he hangs out with Kony and gets so smacked up on crack that he starts calling himself a God.

    Well there is only one God, Michael Jackson. And he was a white man, so I don't see where my opponent sees the confusion. I want to handle him personally and avenge the deaths of all the white men my opponent has killed. I will have to take their place and satisfy their wives now. But you are not even that considerate to think like me. That's right Lamar, I'm talking to you now. I hope you read this in your cell, because I am going to make one phone call.

    I'm going to ring my good friend, Donald. Because we will be settling this on Wednesday and I will take that US title, the IWT ChampION and I will become the RWK champion. Only I can put down this ebony monster. No more serious Dick anymore. Now I am going wild! I told you when we faced each other your black magic wouldn't be able to affect me. Now the time has come. You got two days left, then its back to the penitentiary for you."
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