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The Creator
The Four Horsemen
Sep 30, 2017
Buffalo, NY
Username: DK JAMES

You have read and agree to IWT Rules?: Is water wet

Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Tweener

Ring Name: Bishop

Hometown: The Bronx (NYC)

Height/Weight: 6'1" 222 lb.s

Character Base/Appearance: Killshot
Theme Song:
Brief Bio (Optional): Bishop had a very tough life growing up. Being in an orphanage till he was 16 years old, he was never given the opportunity to really show what he's all about. He finally had his chance in IWT in 2016, but got way too ahead of himself and nearly threw his entire career away and was forced to leave IWT after losing a high profile match. After wrestling at various indy promotions for the last year, Bishop has been contacted by the newly revived IWT and they'd like to offer him a brand new contract. Bishop is a changed man now. His emotions have never been less stable and he knows he's running out of time to make an impact. he just wants to finally prove to his brothers and to the industry that he belongs.

Accomplishments (Optional): Coming Soon...