Inactive Big Drag


Dat Kid Sucks Dick
Oct 5, 2017
the man
You have read and agree to IWT Rules?: absolutely

Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): absolutely

Ring Name: Big Drag

Hometown: The Infinity Realm

Height/Weight: 10ft, solid gold

Character Base/Appearance:
(Same size as irl andre the giant but if he were made out of gold)

Theme Song:
Move Set (Optional): all of 'em

Brief Bio (Optional): Big Drag is said to appear during IWT's times of most dire need, it was he who reset IWT to the path of prosperity when it was really bad at like i wanna say 2014? anyway michael being michael managed to make a big mess and now Big Drag has been awoken from his eternal slumber in earth's core once more to make iwt great again

Accomplishments (Optional): -arguably the winner of every iwt title due to saving the company more times than anyone (whether he was seen doing it or not is irellevant)
-is not banned from WWEF
-BlueTumbas' best friend
-Most Eligible Bachelor 2016
-Can never truly be killed