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Oct 1, 2017
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Alignment: Heel

Ring Name: Benjamin Locke

Hometown: Birmingham, England

Height/Weight: 1.75 m/99kg.

Character Base: Pete Dunne.

Appearance: Locke has a naturally smug face, and despite being shorter than most wrestlers he is actually built quite solid and is deceptively strong. Usually wrestles in a black, dark red, or white wrestling singlet and plain black boots and kickpads but chooses not to wear kneepads. For his entrance, Locke tosses on a leather vest or leather jacket with a black fur collar.

Theme Song: "Killing Strangers" by Marilyn Manson.

Brief Bio: Locke was discovered 3 years ago by former wrestler James Sloane at a local wrestling show in London, England. Sloane recognising the insane amount of potential in the then 19 year old then took him in under his wing. Training him, mentoring him.

To help Locke find footing in the United States, Sloane set Locke up with his friend and former IWT Universal Champion, Scott Fargo.


Locke and Key - German Suplex tossed into an Armbar.

Locke and Key Variant II - Double Underhook Suplex Into Armbar.

Star Destroyer - Suplex dropped into a Knee to the face. Suplex GTS basically.

Signature Moves:

Evil Death Roll Breaker - Nothern Lights Suplex rolled into Bridging Northern Lights Suplex transitioned into a Cross Arm Breaker.

Evil Death Roll - Northern Lights Suplex rolled into Bridging Northern Lights Suplex pin.

Atlas Lariat - Discus Lariat into STO Backbreaker.

Other Moves:

Leg Clutch Overhead Suplex.

Stomp to grounded opponents pointed elbow.
Running Forearm Smash to a standing, kneeling, or sitting opponent.

Bicycle Big Boot.
Fujiwara Armbar.

Arm Wringer.

Arm Pele Kick.
Rolling Death Valley Driver.
Double Underhook Sit-out Powerbomb.

Other Shit:
Lots of stiff looking strikes.
Lots of technical holds and transitions.
Mainly focuses on the opponents arms, weakening the opponent for his finisher.
Inexperienced but intelligent.
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