Assisting a motorist


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Jul 22, 2018
This topic will not involve my stepfather, but the old lady involved seems to have the same mindset. Anyway, I live right next to a local church, and people are known to pull into the parking lot over there for various reasons since I live off of a Major Highway (So can not wait to get back to the backwoods). I'm on my way home back from the gym, so I'm in my gym shorts still sweating and its pretty damn cold. As I pull into my driveway, I see two elderly ladies and an elderly man in the church parking lot, aside two vehicles. One of these vehicles has the hood up and the older gentlemen is looking under the hood. I pull up next to my car port and notice them looking over at me before I get out of my car. So, I exit my vehicle and see them still staring at me. I'm guessing they were needing some assistance, so I walk over to them and ask them if they're ok. They stare at me for a second, I'm guessing a 6'2" guy wearing a hoodie, shorts, and a skull cap in 30 degree weather is kind of intimidating, but I asked again "Are y'all ok, do you need any assistance". The part of the parking lot they're actually parked in, is actually on my property, and the grass they're standing on, I pay the taxes on and have the deed in my possession. Well, its in my bank security box but you get the point.

The lady who was driving the car, tells me that something is wrong with her car. She points at my house and goes on and on about, how she had been there for over two hours, had knocked on the door to the house (my house) and no one came to the door. Complains about dogs inside the house jumping at the door barking when she knocked. Then asks me if I knew the guy who lived at the house. Not even listening to this lady for two minutes and I'm already annoyed with her. I tell her, "The guy who lives in that house there wasn't home, because you just saw him pull up in his driveway. The large dogs you heard barking are "his" two German Shepard dogs, that are the best security system around. You were also not here in this parking lot, and standing on his grass for two hours, because he left his house and went to the gym an hour ago and returned within that same hour due to the gym being overcrowded tonight with people who won't be there in a month". (Yes, I was a little annoyed that my workout was cut short). She then asks me if I can go and get the guy. I told her, "Ma'am, you're talking to him". She looks at me confused and points at my work vehicle asking me, "you're the...?" I say, "Yes. Now, do you need any help or can I go inside and check on my pregnant wife and three kids who were all asleep when I left"? Her, "I didn't think anyone was home". Me, "Never said anyone wasn't home. Said I wasn't home. Now please refer to my previous question. Do you need help?" So finally I start looking at her vehicle, and I see there is a part that connects to her fan is no longer working. I explain to her the issue and she asks me if I could fix it. I tell her not without the part. She asks me if I can get the part. I tell her its 10:30 at night and all of the local auto parts stores are closed until morning. She asks me what do I need to do. I tell her whatever she feels is necessary and gave her a list of options you could possibly try. I tell her, she can leave her vehicle in the parking lot until morning, she can call or I can call a wrecker, or she can do what I would have done in the beginning and call the insurance company. She looks at me like I have something on my face and asks what could the insurance company do? I tell her "Road side assistance. They would get you a tow truck and a ride back home (she wasn't from this area the other two folks were family of her's that were local). She didn't want to stay the night with the two relatives and I could tell they didn't want her there either. She then asks, "Is the insurance company even going to be open and is there even tow trucks available at this time". I tell her "yes to both questions". She calls them and can't figure out what to do. So she hands me the phone to talk to them and low and behold they say they have a tow truck on the way! Before the tow truck gets there she begins bitching about how she ended up there. Saying that she ran off of the road and pulled into my driveway to get help. Tells me that she backed out of my driveway because no one would answer their door. Then blames me for hitting "my pole", which ten feet in my yard, saying that my yard wasn't well lit and she couldn't see. Then tells me I should have put more sand around my pole ad began rambling on. I'm like, "Ok, I'll keep that in mind the next time someone is looking at their phone and drives through my yard, well off of the highway, and hits my pole which is still standing by the way. I will keep that in mind. I'll also keep it in mind that we are still a country full of people who are never at fault for anything. Y'all have a good night" The man was laughing his ass off as I walked away.


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Sep 29, 2017
It's amazing to me that people can blame their current situation on someone else that has nothing to do with her own actions. People, you got to love them lol.