Another angry post by Super star Billy Graham


Failure is not an option
Sep 29, 2017

Mad Dog Vachon

Here is Super Star Billy Graham's comments below

"Fans, I have paid my F-ing dues in this business. I have earned the right to say anything I want. In this image below, you see the dirty hands of Mad Dog Vachon in my mouth, appearing to tear it open. This match in Houston I would say in about 73 or 74 set up a cage match with this maniac. One of his signature moves was to rake your back with his dirty fingernails. He was an unstoppable machine, never selling, well maybe for 15 seconds, in the mode of the Bruiser and Crusher. Despite his small size he is the only wrestler that I saw fans run from. Bruiser Brody would clear a path as well but who wouldn't run from him ?
Some of you fans must remember Chris Taylor from the AWA. Click on the link immediately below and watch Mad Dog work over Chris Taylor at the Amphitheater in Chicago. ABC Wide World of Sports, covered that match and the famed announcer Jim McKay, bent over and ran his finger across the mat when the match was over and said, " Well folks, it looks like real blood to me " Oh yes Jim, it was real blood alright. I was on that card and watched the match. Mad Dog could move when he wanted to. Classic footage searched for and found by my friend, thanks Mike. S.B.G."
Just sad after awhile now.