Storyline An Accident by L.S. Lowry


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
*The camera zooms into Michael's once luxurious mansion, now in ashes thanks to Dat Kid. The camera roams the scorched mansion until it settles on a flickering set of embers in the trophy room. A man walks up to the embers with the sound of crushed ashes and rubble accompanying his every step. The man lifts up a red canister and begins to pour it on the embers, igniting a small fire. The camera pans up to reveal Michael, wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans.*

Michael: This is what I have left.

*Michael looks around his room with anger.*

Michael: I have no house. I have no where to hang my hat. I have nothing left...That is why.

*Michael begins to pace around the fire.*

Michael: That is why I fight for the IWT. That is why I pour my soul into something that can NEVER be destroyed. That is why I bleed for something who's legacy will live long in the hearts and minds of others, more so than mine.

*Michael looks up at the ceiling, with camera following his sight. The camera reveals a defaced ceiling painting, "An Accident", by L.S. Lowry. The painting has begun to peel and is covered in black smut from the blazing fires.*

Michael: That painting shows us the cogs, at work. It shows up the mindlessness. I used to look at it, in my trophy room. It showed me that I was the only goddamn person that could break its cycle. I was not going to let the IWT be the waterlogged man as those fuckers in Canada watched over it in pity. It was motivation to try, and try, and try again.

*Michael looks down again.*

Michael: But it was taken from me. Dat Kid scorched it down, and it was taken from me. My motivation was stolen by that motherfucker. When it was defaced, I was broken. It made me motivated to destroy Dat Kid, even more than I had prior. The entire match, as I pinned his shoulders down, I wasn't thinking about the glory of winning. I was thinking of how I was going to continue without my guiding light. I spent weeks, pondering and pondering. Then I realized.

*Michael walks close to the camera.*

Michael: ...Then I realized...the answer was in-front of me. The only motivation I needed was to destroy the cancer that has led me to this broken world. The answer was to motivate by bludgeoning those that attempted to take what was nearest from you. I decided that Dat Kid wasn't enough. I need to kill the cancer, cell by cell. The next cancer cell is Farooq.

*The camera pans out.*

Michael: Dat Kid burnt my house down, and attempted to steal the IWT from me; I put him down. Farooq tries to pick up the pieces. He takes the paycheck and decides to go to his own little backyard endeavor; I will put him down. I will only let you go back to your the auspices of an undertaker. I will let your cold body lay in the rubble of AAW, quicker than I would let you chopblock the IWT, without it looking. I know you, Farooq, and I've known people like you. The slimiest form of parasite that God put on this earth.

*Michael violently tips over a table with his 2014 Slammy Award for Best Jobber on it.*

Michael: The parasites are going to die, my friend. The parasites will suffer. The parasites have tried, for too long, to be put a nip in the IWT's bud...and I have finally had enough. The IWT will no longer suffer, the IWT will prevail in its glory. I will carry the IWT's banner and pierce the heart of Farooq, and his "rebellious" lacky, Fargo, with that very banner. IWT's logo will be covered, in blood, much faster than it be covered in the piss of those that seek to trample it.

*Michael grabs the camera, violently.*

Michael: This virtuous crusade, begins now.

*Michael steps out the flames and the camera fades.*