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Jul 22, 2018
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American Revolution is coming on September 22! Here's the card:

Mason Ares vs The Believer in a Last Man Standing match

Mason Ares has been reaping havoc in All-American Wrestling! The Believer stands in his way, promising to make sure Mason doesn't walk out. Unlucky for him, Mason has been hungry for this match.

Benjamin Locke vs Diego Castrone(c) for the North American Championship

Benjamin has shown he's the top competitor in line for the All-American Wrestling North American Championship. He has a win over the current champion, but Diego, on his family's honor is going to do his best to leave American Revolution still the North American Champion.

Gregory Lock vs Empire for the AAW World's Heavyweight Championship

Gregory Lock fought his way to the top to go for the grandest prize in all of All-American Wrestling. He takes on the leader of Empire Corps, whom has went around the world defending his championship. Will Lock make the giant tap out, or become another victim?

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