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Impact Wrestling Abyss Enters the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'Indie Wrestling' started by Highspot, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Highspot

    Highspot Failure is not an option Administrator

    On Saturday night October 13th in New York City at McHale’s Pub Abyss will take his rightful place in the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame. Abyss has had a storied career as a former World Champion, X-Division Champion and World Tag Team Champion. Not to mention that Abyss has been a staple of IMPACT Wrestling since Day 1. Abyss has long been the Monster, the man who terrorized opponents and thrilled fans.

    Tickets for the Hall of Fame are available now and you can get them here.

    There is no one more suited to join the Hall of Fame than Abyss. Fans who purchased VIP Tickets for Bound For Glory will be invited to attend the Induction Ceremony the night before Bound For Glory. Also, tickets are available as well, it will be a limited engagement and a once in a lifetime chance to watch as the man behind the Monster’s Ball Match takes his rightful place in the Hall of Fame.

    What an honor, what a night and what a weekend it promises to be on October 13th in New York City. From everyone at IMPACTWrestling.Com, congratulations Abyss on an incredible career and this highest honor.

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  2. Cortana

    Cortana Undisputed IWT World Champion Super Moderator The Four Horsemen

    He earned it, was with them on day 1 and whenever I think of Abyss, TNA is where I always imagined him. Congrats man

    DK JAMES The Creator Donor The Four Horsemen

    Was never a big fan of Abyss tbh but he's definitely had many classic TNA/Impact matches and he deserves it. I've always been more of a fan of the Joseph Park character personally haha. Abyss' theme song is a fkin classic though.
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  4. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    He deserves it, most definitely.

    He turned down a big money move to the WWE to be loyal to the company that he's been with, literally, since day one. Happy to see some loyalty in the wrestling business. True class act.
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