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Show AAW Special: American Revolution!

Discussion in 'All-American Wrestling' started by Cortana, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Cortana

    Cortana Undisputed IWT World Champion Super Moderator The Four Horsemen

    The fireworks go off! The crowd roars in excitement!! Madison Square Garden is on fire for All-American Wrestling!!

    The camera pans to the center of the ring, showing Jennifer Gonzales.

    Jennifer: "Welcome to All-American Wrestling! Tonight is American Revolution here at Madison Square Garden! The first match of the night is about to..."

    One of the producers entered the ring, whispering to Jennifer. Suddenly the camera panned backstage, to Mason Ares and The Believer, both in their ring gear!!

    Mason throws The Believer against the wall, Believer's head crashing against it!!

    Farooq: "Mason and Believer are going at it backstage!!"

    The referee soon joins them, the bell ringing ringside to start the match. Believer weakly gets up, Mason grabbed him, and wrapped his head around his neck. He performs a suplex and crashes Believer's body onto the floor!

    Farooq: "Mason crashing Believer's body onto the ground!! Ares with quick control of the match!!"


    The Believer slowly gets up, getting up at a 4 count from the referee. Ares grabs Believer by the head and leads him outside. They arrive at the parking lot, Mason setting Believer for a powerbomb onto a SUV.

    Farooq: "Mason looking to make use of anything tonight!!"

    Adam: "Hope nothing happens to my SUV I left parked in the parking lot."

    Mason brings Believer's to his shoulders, but he turns it into a DDT! He sends Mason crashing onto the hood of the SUV, weakly rolling onto his feet from the hood of Air's car.

    Farooq: "Mason's head is crashed onto the hood of the SUV!! Believer taking control for the first time!!"


    Ares managed to get to his feet at the 8 count, Believer grabbing Mason and Irish whipping him to the car door. Believer opens the door, and drags Ares so he's resting his upper body on the inside.

    Farooq: "Believer is getting creative here..."

    Believer slams the door on Mason, three times!! The abuse causes Mason to fall to the ground.


    Mason pulls himself him at the nine count!!! Believer lift Mason up, setting him on top of the hood of the SUV. Believer climbs the top of the car, taking a deep breath. He goes for an elbow drop, but Mason moves out of the way!!

    Farooq: "And Mason rolls out of the way!! Believer taking too long!"

    Believer crashes onto the hood of the car, groaning in pain! Mason slowly grabs Believer, and slams him onto the ground with a Fisherman suplex! Mason opens the car door, slowly hot wiring the vehicle.

    Farooq: "Wait a second... What is Mason doing?!? He's going to murder that man!!!"

    Believer slowly gets to his feet, his eyes meeting a bright light. Suddenly The Believer is hit by Adam's SUV!! He is sent flying to Bruce Knight's pink Hummer, crashing through the windshield!!

    Farooq: "Holy fuck!!!"


    Jennifer: "...The... Winner of the match, Mason Ares..."

    Mason Ares weakly crawls out of the car, pulling out a phone. He slides it to the referee.

    Referee: "This phone belongs to Believer... And it has ape porn on it!!!!"

    The crowd boos Believer, before the camera shows Mason Ares, then the crowd goes wild.

    Jennifer: "The winner of the match!! He is Mason Ares!!!"

    Mason raises his arm, smirking as he makes his way to his feet.

    Farooq: "Mason proved why he is one of the best competitors here in All-American Wrestling! What a fantastic way to start of American Revolution! Can't wait for the next match!!"
  2. Cortana

    Cortana Undisputed IWT World Champion Super Moderator The Four Horsemen

    The camera pans to the ring, in the center is Jennifer Gonzales.

    Jennifer: "This match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the All-American Wrestling North American Championship!"

    The crowd pops loudly.

    Benjamin Locke walks out, smirking as he raises his arms, receiving a large set of boos from the fans. Locke is in his dark red wrestling singlet and plain black boots and kickpads, also in his leather jacket with a black fur collar.

    Jennifer: "Introducing the challenger! Birmingham, England! Weighing in at 99 kilogram! Benjamin Locke!!"

    Benjamin walks down the ramp, sliding into the ring. He raises his arm, pointing to the crowd and smirking. He sets his leather jacket down, waiting at his corner.

    The crowd gives a loud set of cheers as Diego Castrone walks out in his white tights, and white boots. His left wristband is red, and right being green. He has the All-American Wrestling North American Championship and Tíos's mask.

    Jennifer: "Introducing next! He comes from Mexico City, Mexico! He weighed in today at 211 pounds! He is the All-American Wrestling North American Champion! Diego Castrone!!"

    Diego claps hands with the cheering fans as he makes his way down the ramp. He walks up the steel steps, removing the championship and his mask, and raising both high up. He climbs the turnbuckle, and this time only raises the championship high. Diego sets his mask down by the turnbuckle, and hands the belt to the referee. The referee raises the championship up high, as the crowd cheers loudly.

    Farooq: "These two have met at IWT in the past, with Benjamin Locke coming out the winner. This time around Diego is the one wearing gold though. Will the results be the same as before?"

    The bell rings as both competitors begin to close in at each other. Both wrestlers lock arms, in the center of the ring! Diego slips behind Locke, but Locke slips underneath Diego, and goes for a schoolboy pin!


    Farooq: "Locke trying to catch Diego off guard!!"

    Diego kicks out, Benjamin launching himself over and unleashing kicks on Diego who was rising up. He kicks Diego on the right arm multiple times, before moving behind him. He lift Diego up, setting him up for a German Suplex! Diego begins to elbow Benjamin in the face multiple times, with his left arm, causing Locke's grip to slip!

    Farooq: "Both competitors going back and forth here!"

    Diego grabs Locke, Irish Whipping him to the ropes! Castrone goes for a big boot, but it misses! Diego goes for a Pele kick, aiming for Diego's arm, but misses! Diego stomps on the back of Locke, lifting him up slowly.

    Farooq: "And Diego taking control of the match now!!"

    Diego body slams Locke onto the center of the ring, following the slam with a leg drop! Castrone then makes his way to the top rope, performing a moonsault!! He crashes his body onto Locke's, going for the pin!!

    Farooq: "So many attacks on Locke, Diego is really going for it!!"


    Benjamin kicks out! Diego shaking his head, slowly getting up. He brings Locke up to his feet, and Irish Whips him to the ropes, but Locke reverses it! He launches Diego over to the ropes, greeting him back with a Bicycle Big Boot! Benjamin goes to work, stomping on the right arm of Diego!!

    Farooq: "Benjamin looking to cripple the right arm of Diego still!!"

    Diego weakly gets himself to his feet, but Benjamin brings him in close! Locking Castrone in for a double hook powerbomb, he slowly attempts to lift the Luchador up! Diego doesn't budge! Instead, Locke gets thrown onto his back by Diego!

    Farooq: "And no powerbomb from Locke here!!"

    Castrone climbs the top rope, performing another beautiful moonsault, but he meets Locke's knees!! Benjamin quickly gets up to his feet, locking Diego's arm in a armbar!! Diego's legs catch the ropes, breaking the hold!!

    Farooq: "Castrone lucky to be next to the ropes!!"

    Benjamin brings Castrone to his feet, but Diego quickly wraps him in a headlock!! Locke launches Diego to the ropes, and Locke welcomes him back with a Atlas Lariat!!

    Farooq: "Just the way Diego's back crashes onto Benjamin's knee looks sickening!!"

    Locke quickly hooks Diego's legs for the pin!!


    Castrone kicks out just in time!!

    Farooq: "Diego is still in the match!!!"

    "Diego!! Diego!! Diego!! Diego!!"

    Locke shakes his head in disbelief, believing that was a three count. He begins arguing with the referee, demanding the match to end.

    Farooq: "Locke better keep his head in the match!"

    Castrone grabs Locke, and launches him to the turnbuckle!! Benjamin's shoulder connects with the steel post, causing the wrestler to groan in pain.

    Farooq: "And here we see the champion is completely focused!"

    Castrone dragged Locke to the center of the wring, bringing him to his feet. Castrone grabs Locke from the back, performing a German Suplex!! But wait!! Locke lands on his feet, grabbing Diego for a German Suplex!! He performs it, locking in another armbar on the right arm!!

    Farooq: "That arm that Locke has been assaulting all day is locked in a submission hold again!!"

    Diego squirms around, clawing away to the ropes!! Locke applies heavy pressure, Castrone barely grabbing hold of the rope!! Locke broke to hold, quickly applying a running forearm smash onto the right arm of Diego!!

    Farooq: "Diego kicks out, but Locke isn't slowing down!!"

    Locke slowly brings Castrone to his feet, but Diego quickly connected a uppercut with his left arm!

    Farooq: "And Locke is stunned!! The sudden uppercut!!"

    Diego quickly grabs Benjamin, lifting him up high. He performs a brain buster fast, quickly going for the pin!!


    Farooq: "Diego did it!!!"

    Jennifer: "Here is your winner and still the All-American Wrestling North American Champion!! Diego Castrone!!"

    The referee brings Diego the championship, but soon slips out. Three Empire Corps men walk out, surrounding the ring. They surround the ring, slowly climbing into the apron. Diego takes one out by hitting him with the belt, but the other two begin to attack!! Suddenly coming down the ramp is Nebula and Evolucion!! Evolucion climbs the turnbuckle, performing a body splash and taking out one! Nebula jumps on the ropes, dropkicking the other! Evolucion grabs the mask and hands it to the champion. The two lift the North American Champion on their shoulders, the camera panning to commercial break now.
  3. Cortana

    Cortana Undisputed IWT World Champion Super Moderator The Four Horsemen

    The camera pans to the ring, with the crowd cheering loudly.

    Jennifer: "It's time for the main event! This next match is for the All-American Wrestling World's Heavyweight Championship!"

    *begins at 0:55*

    Gregory Locks walks out his ring gear to a loud set of cheers.

    Jennifer: "And introducing the challenger! An AAW original since day 1! He is the Keyless Lock, Gregory Locks!!"

    The crowd cheers loudly as Gregory walks down the ramp, sliding into the ring. He raises his arm, soaking in the crowd reaction as he waits in his corner.

    *begins at 0:24

    Empire walks out with the All-American Wrestling World's Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. The crowd boos him loudly as he makes his way down the ramp.

    Jennifer: "And next! He is the current reigning and defending All-American World's Heavyweight Champion! Empire!!"

    Empire walks up the steel steps, going over the top rope, entering the ring. Empire raises the belt up high, receiving a large amount of boos from the fans. Empire hands the championship to the referee. The referee hands the belt to Locks to hold it, before taking it back. The referee holds the championship up high, showing the fans, before handing it off to the announcer and the bell rings!

    Locks quickly begins kicking away at the legs of Empire!

    Farooq: "The challenger going for the legs!"

    Empire trying to grab Gregory, but the smaller wrestler continues to move out of the way in time! Empire grabs Locks by the throat, lifting him up high! Locks slips out of his grip, landing behind him. He quickly jumps up, locking a chokehold on Empire!

    Farooq: "Locks using his submission holds to his advantage!"

    The larger athlete grabs hold of the ropes slowly, breaking the hold! Gregory jumps back down, meeting one of Empire's elbows!

    Farooq: "Gregory showing no signs of slowing down!"

    Empire grabs Locks, Irish Whipping him to the ropes! He lifts his boot up, but Locks ducks! Gregory slips underneath Empire, and grabs his other leg, causing the giant to tumble down! Gregory applies a ankle lock, causing the champion to squirm!

    Farooq: "Locks has the ankle lock in tight!!"

    Locks applies more pressure, Empire's hand grabbing the rope barely!! Gregory breaks the hold, kneeing the back of Empire's legs! Gregory slowly climbs the turnbuckle, with Empire making his way to his feet. Gregory performs a body splash, but is caught by the champion! Empire launches Locks across the ring, crashing the challenger onto his back!

    Farooq: "Locks flew onto the arms of Empire!! The strength on the AAW Champion!!"

    Empire walks over slowly to Locks slowly, bringing the challenger to his feet. Locks grabs Empire's head, trapping him in a front headlock!!

    Farooq: "Locks really trying to make the champion tap out!"

    Gregory applies heavy pressure, bringing Empire to his knees!! Empire manages to grab hold of the rope, breaking the hold as Locks go back to his feet. The challenger grabs the champion by the head, DDTing him to the ground!!

    Farooq: "The champ is on the ground again!!

    Locks goes to the top rope once more! He takes a deep breath, performing an elbow drop, but crashing only on the mat!! Empire rolled out of the way, and slowly made his way back to his feet!

    Farooq: "Locks is 0-2 on the top turnbuckle tonight!"

    Empire removes the padding to the turnbuckle, walking over to Lock. He places his foot on his neck, the referee yelling at him.

    Farooq: "Empire plotting for something now..."


    Empire lift his foot off, then crashed his elbow onto the chest of Locks! Empire grabbed the challenger by the neck, bringing him to his feet. Empire brings Gregory in for a powerbomb, lifting him up into the air!

    Farooq: "Wow!! Empire has the challenger up high!!"

    He throws Locks onto the exposed turnbuckle, causing the back of Locks's head to bleed!

    Farooq: "Gregory!! It looks like he's out cold!!!"

    The challenger is face first on the mat, as Empire drags the lifeless looking body to the center, onto his back and places his foot on him!


    Jennifer: "The winner of the match and still the All-American Wrestling World's Heavyweight Champion: Empire!!"

    The crowd boos as the referee brings the championship over to Empire. Empire raises the belt up high, soaking in the boos as he laughs, the camera panning to black. Thank you everyone for joining us for American Revolution!!!

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