Undisputed IWT World Champion
Super Moderator
The Four Horsemen
Jul 22, 2018
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The camera pans over to Farooq's house, slowly entering. The cameras stop at Farooq's kitchen, where a glass of wine is being poured.

Farooq is in a white and gold robe, with a black bag on the counter.

Farooq: "Today begins a new era here in the IWT. The company is dying, it's falling apart. Today though, I begin the steps to move the company to the heights of greatness."

Farooq takes a sip of wine.

Farooq: "The IWT Universal Championship. When people speak of it, they'll remember the matches Fargo had. They'll remember his legacy. His talent. It's a fact, he's one of the best men to ever lace their damn boots in that locker room. When people type on their keyboards, when they search, 'IWT Universal Championship' they will take part in some of the greatest matches in history. This title, is what he made... But. When all those people reach the last steps, they'll know that Farooq was the last man to hold this belt."

Farooq took another sip of his wine, taking a deep breath.

Farooq: "The Lord is ending the legacy of the Universal Championship. No more will others compete for this championship, but now that begs the question, what happens next?"

Farooq took another sip.

Farooq: "What will happen to the IWT's greatest treasure? What will lead the company as a symbol of it's greatest talent..? That, is something none of you should fear. For the Lord has spoken of a plan, and this is merely the beginning. My name is the Lord of Wrestling Farooq, I am the last Hardcore Champion. I am the last Television Champion. I am the last European Champion. I am the last Universal Champion..."

Farooq finishes his wine, setting the glass down. He opens the bag, and... It's empty.

He opens his robe, in his ring gear with a new championship around his waist:

Farooq: "And I am your new Undisputed IWT World Champion. The New Era begins with the Black Empire, and the Undisputed IWT World Championship."