Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
In the staged art of wrestling, there are many pro wrestling jobbers who constantly lose. Because wrestling is fixed, obviously some of the wrestlers will need to lose. Those wrestlers who exist for the sole purpose of losing to others in order to make them look good are called jobbers, and are one of the backbones of professional wrestling. This article is dedicated to listing the top 10 best pro wrestling jobbers of all time.

10. Vincent/Virgil
This guy never really wrestled much, but he always seemed to be around. When he was in the WWF, he was named "Virgil," making fun of the head booker of WCW at the time, Dusty Rhodes (whose real name is Virgil). When he came to the WCW, they decided to return the favor, changing his name to Vincent after the owner of WWF (now WWE), Vince McMahon.

9. Lodi
Lodi didn't wrestle much either, however he was always present on WCW TV in the heat of the attitude era. He was a member of Raven's flock, and never seemed to do much of anything other than hold up signs and cheer on Raven. Every rare once in a while he would get involved in a match, take a bump, then that would be it. Perpetual jobber.

8. The Mean Street Posse
Another attitude era relic, the Mean Street Posse were supposedly a group of Shane McMahon's childhood friends. They never really won any matches, and mostly existed to put others over. They were generally only ever made very entertaining when getting mercilessly beaten, or by the presence of Shane McMahon and his silly, silly dance.

7. Kaientai
This group was comprised of Taka Mikinochu, Funaki and several other members of Japanese descent. They were involved in a number of ridiculous angles, including chopping off a certain part of Val Venis' anatomy. Funaki is perhaps best known for his later angle as "Smackdown #1 Announcer."

6. Shark Boy
Shark Boy is a relatively recent phenomenon, becoming known only as the stature of TNA has risen since about 2004. The kids seem to love him, and yet he almost always loses, helping to get heels over with the younger audience. Lately, he has developed a persona where he mocks Stone Cold Steve Austin, adding to his pure jobberificness.

5. Gangrel
Gangrel was a member of The Brood during the Attitude era, along with Edge and Christian. While Edge and Christian have both since went on to become World Champions, Gangrel kept getting fatter and now wrestles on the independent scene as "The Vampire Warrior." He has a sweet entrance that saw him rise through the stage surrounded by a ring of fire, but ultimately such a cool entrance was wasted on this jobber.

4. Colin Delaney
Colin Delaney is another newcomer to the world of jobbers, but has done so very well. After a successful run as a face jobber on ECW, he was then switched to a heel in order to job to the faces on the roster. He's been giving great performances along the way. Hopefully after his run on ECW, he'll move to Smackdown or RAW to job to those respective rosters.

3. Brooklyn Brawler
The Brooklyn Brawler is one of the most well known jobbers, having worked with the WWF/WWE for decades. He seems to show up every rare once in a while to pick up a paycheck, and is always amusing in his losses.

2. The Shockmaster
The Shockmaster was only around for a very short while, but he shall be remembered. He used a voice distortion effect when he talked, and wore what can only be referred to as a stormtrooper helmet painted with purple glitter. He fell through a wall when he made his debut, and was seldom seen afterwards.

1. Al Snow
What does everybody want? Al Snow managed to send the crowds into a frenzy with just those few words. He became well known by starting the J.O.B. Squad, a stable made up entirely of jobbers. He made watching jobbers truly entertaining. He wasn't that bad of a wrestler, either. All in all, Al Snow is the best jobber of all time unequivocally.