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    New SDL Tag champs

    Source Interesting consolation for Bryan, I imagine this is a temporary gig until Kofi and Owens clear up? Not exactly sure the logic, but then again this is WWE.
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    I'm kind of confused with what's happening with Mustafa Ali. For the most part he's there to make Orton look like a manic with the way he sells the RKO and his other moves, but he regularly appears in big matches and is showcased pretty heavily for a good couple of weeks before getting butchered...
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    SmackDown LIVE Draft Results

    Roman Reigns Intercontinental Champion Finn Bálor Elias Bayley Ember Moon Kairi Sane Lars Sullivan Buddy Murphy Liv Morgan Chad Gable Apollo Crews Mickie James Otis Tucker
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    Post-SmackDown Discussion

    In place of a rating thread, just making this to leave your thoughts on the SmackDown, in general.
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    SDL 11/27 Live Chat

    Discuss WWE SmackDown Live 11/27/18 live!
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    SDL 11/20 Live Chat

    Discuss SDL 11/20/18 here!
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    News Daniel Bryan wins WWE Championship

    @Morton Downey Jr
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    SDL 11/13 Live Chat

    Discuss tonight's WWE SmackDown LIVE
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    SDL 1000 Live Chat 10/16

    Live chat for SmackDown Live 1000
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    Rate WWE SmackDown Live! 7/31/18

    Click here for a full report. Vote above and give your opinion below
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    Rate WWE SmackDown LIVE! 7/24/18

    Vote above, give your thoughts below and click here for a full report
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    WWE SmackDown LIVE! Live Discussion 7/24/18

    Live discussion thread
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    News WWE SmackDown Live Viewership Drops This Week (7/4)

    read more Any opinions?
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    Sanity is really the only thing that saves the #smackdown , for me. They do a good job presenting them as chaotic anarchists. It's great, and it saved the show. Their entrance is bad ass too. Thoughts?
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    Rumor SmackDown TV deal uncertain

    That's a little odd as to why SmackDown will be on a different media company, all together. I always thought WWE gave exclusive media rights to NBCU, but if SmackDown does move to Fox; I'd reckon it'd get higher ratings than RAW on USA.
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    WWE SmackDown LIVE! Live Discussion 5/1/18

    When?: Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at 8e/7c Where?: Bell Centre - Montreal, Canada PREVIEW We're having trouble linking the thread to the chat room, so please use this thread to discuss the show
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    2018 WWE Fastlane 2018 Live Discussion

    When?: March 11th, 2018 @ 8e/7c on the WWE Network Where?: Nationwide Arena - Columbus, Ohio Preview
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    2018 Shinsuke Nakamura v. Rusev

    WWE announced that Shinsuke Nakamura will face Rusev at Fastlane. This is gonna be an easy win to build momentum for Nakamura, who seems as over as ever, at the moment. It's shame though, because Rusev needs something to continue his momentum. Thoughts, opinion, predictions
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    WWE SmackDown Live Live Discussion 2/27/18

    When?: Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 @ 8e/7c on the USA Network Where?: Staples Center - Los Angeles, California Preview