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  1. Roadster

    Goldberg v. Taker

    How bad will this be?
  2. Roadster

    RAW 5/27/19: REACTION

    Another shitty episode. Had a fun last hour tho. Grade above, give your reaction below.
  3. Roadster

    News New WWE 24/7 title

    Thoughts on what it might be? Hardcore title?
  4. Roadster

    New SDL Tag champs

    Source Interesting consolation for Bryan, I imagine this is a temporary gig until Kofi and Owens clear up? Not exactly sure the logic, but then again this is WWE.
  5. Roadster

    WWE and wXw to partner for Samu benefit show

    Source Good to see WWE reaching out and willing to work with others for the benefit of their former stars. Thoughts?
  6. Roadster

    Rumor Dean Malenko quits WWE

    Source It's getting kinda weird the amount of talent that is leaving both from the backstage area and the locker room, itself. I hope he finds work somewhere good because he's one of my favorites and it'd suck to see his knowledge go to waste.
  7. Roadster

    Was it a good idea to send Styles to RAW?

    I've been thinking and I see people drooling for a Styles v. Rollins match, but that's basically all there is for him to do on RAW. It just seems kinda odd that Styles was supposed to be the SmackDown franchise player, but got sent to RAW and Reigns got sent to SmackDown. On the other hand, it...
  8. Roadster

    News Harper requests WWE release

    Source Sad to see that one of the most promising big men in the WWE got schafted as hard as he did. He had so much potential, but I guess it's for the best.
  9. Roadster

    SmackDown LIVE Draft Results

    Roman Reigns Intercontinental Champion Finn Bálor Elias Bayley Ember Moon Kairi Sane Lars Sullivan Buddy Murphy Liv Morgan Chad Gable Apollo Crews Mickie James Otis Tucker
  10. Roadster

    Monday Night RAW 4/15/19 Live Discussion

    When?: Monday, April 15th, 2019 @ 7c/8e Where?: Bel Centre - Montreal, Quebec, Canada Preview
  11. Roadster

    News Big E out 6 weeks

    Source Sounds like it hurt. Hope this doesn't hinder Kofi's reign, and it doesn't affect him long term. I remember HBK suffering a similar injury back in 03/04.
  12. Roadster

    Post-SmackDown Discussion

    In place of a rating thread, just making this to leave your thoughts on the SmackDown, in general.
  13. Roadster

    2019 Rate WrestleMania 35

    Vote above and give your thoughts below Read the full report: Here Read the full results: Here
  14. Roadster

    NXT NXT TakeOver: New York Live Discussion

    When?: Friday, April 5th, 2019 @ 6c/5e Where?: Barclays Center - New York City, New York Match Card: Johnny Gargano v. Adam Cole in a 2/3 Falls Match War Raiders (c) v. Ricochet and Aleister Black for the NXT Tag Team Championships Pete Dunne (c) v. Walter for the NXT United Kingdom...
  15. Roadster

    2019 Bobby Lashley (c) v. Finn Balor

    Intercontinental Championship match between Lashley and Balor. This is an interesting program. Despite looking like they wouldn't mesh, they've been great for eachother. I think Lashley and Lio Rush have been absolutely amazing and I think the Demon King shit is great for the occasion, but it...
  16. Roadster

    2019 Daniel Bryan (c) v. Kofi Kingston

    This might be the MotN. The recent performances of Kingston and the work Bryan has been putting in to be a heel and doing the whole environment nut has been done to a tee. Kingston being built as a workhorse and Bryan joining the McMahon dark side is just a brilliant story. This has been one of...
  17. Roadster

    News Stephanie McMahon to make announcement

    Source I suspect either 1 of 3 things, in order of least likely to most likely. 1.) Asuka will be added 2.) Some stupid stipulation 3.) Titles unified
  18. Highspot

    News Vickie Funk Passes Away age 75

    Some very sad news to report. The great Terry Funk's wife has passed away at age 75. Right now, there are no known causes but it's a huge blow to the wrestling community. It's thought to be known she passed away from natural causes but nothing can be confirmed. RIP Vickie Funk! Source
  19. Highspot

    Do you think the Undertaker should retire?

    He is an automatic HOF and a great locker room guy but I think at this point it would be best to retire and enjoy his life. I heard he is going on some Saudia Arabia trip but I think he just has his final match. Also, if he does have a retirement match like Kurt Angle who should it be?
  20. Roadster

    2019 Beth Phoenix/Natalya v. Banks/Bayley v. Jax/Tamina

    What'd you think about this match? It's an interesting prospect, but I expect the Iiconics to be added because a 3-way tag makes little sense. Regardless, I think this match will either be mediocre or bad. I don't see a match like this being anything or completing any role other than being the...