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    News Raw Reunion fantasy warfare matches we'd love to see

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    News WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to issue a SummerSlam challenge

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    News Ember Moon to collide with Charlotte Flair

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    News Shane McMahon to address Kevin Owens on SmackDown LIVE

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    Impact Wrestling Moose Requests Match on IMPACT

    This Friday on IMPACT Wrestling we will see Moose in action! The heavy hitter has requested this time and this match. Moose also has something he wants to say, from everything we are gathering Moose is upset he is not in the World Championship picture. What is on the mind of Moose? Find out on...
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    Impact Wrestling Rich Swann vs. Jake Crist X-Division Championship Showdown

    This Friday we will see Rich Swann vs. Jake Crist for the X-Division Championship. These two men have a storied past to say the least! Rich Swann has had issues with oVe for years, with Sami Callihan for years and now he will defend his X-Division Championship against a man he absolutely...
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    Impact Wrestling Rhino Gores Unbreakable

    The news is out! Rhino is back! The former World Champion made his return to IMPACT Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario, Canada at St. Clair College in wild fashion! Now that Rhino has returned, what will he do? Who will he target? Going after Michael Elgin is a risky move, but Rhino is a seasoned...
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    Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Rematch… A Street Fight Between Cage and Elgin

    This Friday on IMPACT Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario, Canada at St. Clair College, we will see a Slammiversary rematch between Brian Cage and Michael Elgin. It will not be a Championship Match, this one will be a Street Fight. Michael Elgin has showed the world his true colors, his nefarious...
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    Impact Wrestling Kiera vs. Jordynne

    This will be a night where rivals face off against each other in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace continue to antagonize each other on a weekly basis. It has even gotten to social media. What will happen when these two Knockouts face off on Friday? The post Kiera vs...
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    Impact Wrestling IMPACT Wrestling Mash-Up Tournament Results

    Tonight, bitter enemies will be forced to team together in a one night tournament to determine the next challenger for the World Championship… this is Mash-Up! The format is as follows. There will be four 1st-round matchups. The winners of those matches will advance to a four-way final. The...
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    The 2019 Crockett Cup

    It's on PPV but expensive as its 24.99. Here is the link ▷ The Crockett Cup Official PPV Replay
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    News R-Truth defends 24/7 Championship at SDCC

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    Other Josh Barnett's Bloodsport

    I heard there is going to be a MMA fight or Cage fight with him and Ken Shamrock. It was just a rumor so I could be wrong.
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    News How will Seth Rollins gear up for The Beast?

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    News WWE Hall of Famers and Legends to descend on Raw Reunion

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    Welcome to PWF! How did you find us?

    Welcome to PWF! How did you find us?
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    News Maverick and Kanellis to sign their match contract

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