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    Hall of Fame Worthy Videogames

    They deserve no love for making Kevin Nash wear a flannel for some reason
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    Official Nomination Thread: Individuals

    Steve Austin - One of the biggest stars in wrestling history, one of the most popular in history, one of the most iconic in history and saved the WWE from extinction.
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    AEW All Out PPV in Chicago

    I wanted to go but I don't wanna drive home with a nose bleed so I guess i'm pirating online! :kidd
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    Moxley in the G1!!!!!

    I highly doubt he will win it. Would be very surprised if they strap the rocket to him so soon.
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    THAT Ibushi Bump

    Mr. land on my neck strikes again.
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    Hall of Fame Worthy Videogames

    SvR 06 was prime. I HATE OVALHEAD
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    Official PWFFL Week 1 (TABLES)

    1.) Deadman Inc.: 1W / 0D / 0L - 8GF / 0GA / +8GD: 3 Points 2.) Speroni FC: 1W / 0D / 0L - 5GF / 2GA / +3GD: 3 Points 3.) Hotnum Totspur FC: 0W / 0D / 1L - 2GF / 5GA / -3GD: 0 Points 4.) Cappielow Brigade FC: 0W / 0D / 1L - 0GF / 8GA / -8GD: 0 Points 1.) AZFC: 1W / 0D / 0L - 5GF / 1GA /...
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    Official PWFFL Week 1 (RESULTS)

    Deadman Inc. (@Indy ) 8 - 0 Cappielow Brigade FC (@MattC123 ) Hotnum Totspur FC (@TeeHaitchGee ) 2 - 5 Speroni FC (@milo ) WRYYYYY FC (@BashCVII ) 3 -1 Zuzu FC (@Uzu ) Harchester United (@Oval ) 1 - 5 AZFC (@Nick ) Illinois Football Club (@Roadster ) 0 - 2 TFC Trollface (@trollfacer1 )...
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    Silly Season 2019

    88 mil + addons for a total of 130 mil which is actually an amazing deal. He's a much better player than Coutinho was or is.
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    Selfie Board

    Why is there a dinosaur in the picture
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    Selfie Board

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    Best Of Super Juniors 26: Jon Moxleys NJPW Debut!

    If fuckboy wins NJPW have officially lost their minds. That said, lots of gringos on this show. time for Japexit? ??
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    Soccer/Football Season 2018/2019

    Shame that Stevie G was in his prime "put your laces through a ball outside the box and it will go in" phase.
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    Silly Season 2019

    Thank god we can stop hearing about him for a few weeks before JOVIC TO UNITED begins popping up on YT.
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    Soccer/Football Season 2018/2019

    2016 Euro final was intense. The Wigan FA Cup win was mental. I remember really enjoying the 2010 WC final, felt like a WWE match. Plenty of UCLs get the cock blood flowing, but this was probably the worst since 2015 which was basically a route that saw everyone and their nan chip in for a goal...