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    Hall of Fame Worthy Videogames

    I prefer SYM over HCTP but both are insanely good. Think TNA’s game deserves a lot of love too
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    Moxley in the G1!!!!!

    Doubt he’ll win either, but I still think we’ll get Moxley vs White down the line. Definitely a match that should happen before he becomes exclusive. But Ospreay wants in as well, definitely looking forward to it.
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    Yeah when’s he gonna hit the wacky line

    Yeah when’s he gonna hit the wacky line
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    Goldberg v. Taker

    I’m applying this to Super Showdown as a whole
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    Your Wrestling Mount Rushmore?

    Eddie Guerrero Kurt Angle Chris Jericho The Rock
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    Best Of Super Juniors 26: Jon Moxleys NJPW Debut!

    It’s smart, I don’t think he’ll ever become IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Wouldn’t sign an exclusive contract, but giving him a run with the US belt is a nice nod. Capitalize on his momentum, use it to bring more eyes to the product, and it’ll provide some fun matchups. Omega had it, White had...
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    News Jon Moxley returns

    They ended his terrible heel run so he could be cheered the past few weeks, paired him with his best friends, sent him off with a network special, and allowed him a “farewell” tour to personally say goodbye to the fans. For someone who is leaving and is owed nothing from the company, I’d say he...
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    Spoiler AEW DoN: REACTIONS

    - Loved Havoc & OC in the battle royal - The two tag matches were great - Excalibur did great for being on such a big stage, gelled well with JR when he finally got into it - Dustin vs Cody was easily Cody’s best match -Kylie Rae is definitely gonna have a real underdog success story - The joshi...
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    News Jon Moxley returns

    Madlads contract ended at the end of April and Tony said he spoke to him the second he was clear of the WWE. But NJPW said they’ve made this deal before his AEW one, man must’ve really been scouting while still on contract. Dude was being sent out like a king all while seeing where he could go...
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    Who makes you submit

    Charlotte Mahal Lars Lashley Natalya Nia Jax/Tamina R-Truth Big offender a couple of years ago was Corporate Kane
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    Match IWTMANIA VI:Farooq (c) vs Aids Johnson

    Make it a threesome baby
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    2019 Becky 2 Belts

    Seth when he was US Champion and WWE Champion, defended both on one show. I don’t think she’ll lose either match at MitB, it’s too soon for Lacey to win the title and if Charlotte won the SDL title will just look like a hot potato. But if she were to lose one I’d go w/ the SDL title, that...
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    Rumor Dean Malenko quits WWE

    Or DDP? Dunno
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    Rumor Dean Malenko quits WWE

    I thought Jericho was the rapey guy