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    1. Donor

      For donating to ProWrestlingForum.net

    2. Tune Head

      You're a massive fan of music, and we all can tell.

    3. Wrestling Champ

      You're a high quality wrestling discussion poster.

    4. The King

      You've contributed so much to this site. This is only one way we can pay you back.

    5. Gamer

      You play, collect and discuss video games

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      You're a TV Show guy/gal. This is for you

    7. Puro Aficionado

      You should move to Japan - you watch way too much puroesu!

    8. PWF Prediction Champion

      Awarded to the reigning champion of the PWF Prediction League.

    9. King of Pro-Wrestling

      For 200 non-chat posts in the wrestling sections

    10. Referral King

      For those that have attracted the most users to our community!

    11. Blue Chipper

      You're a new member with a lot of potential. You're a Blue Chipper!

    12. Sports Junkie

      You like sports, and it's obvious. You're a staple of the sports section!